Life...Made Easier with USB.


E-Statements are the fast, secure, convenient, waterproof (yes, waterproof) way to receive and store your account statements. Each month, you will receive an automatic email notification as soon as your statement is generated.

Once you receive the email notification, you can access your statement by following the link in the email. Monthly E-Statements must be accessed within 95 days of receiving your email nottification.

Easy. Quick and easy access to your account statements through our secure Online Banking.
Convenient. Automatic email alerts as soon as your statement is generated.
Smart. Save paper, reduce clutter, and save your account information to your computer's desktop or hard drive for permanent record keeping.
Safe. Rest assured that your statements are safe and secure since they are accessed through Union State Bank's Online Banking.
Save Money. Using E-Statements can save you the cost of paying for past statement research and generation.
Waterproof. DVDs or Compact Disks don't mind getting wet (flooded basement, etc). Paper statements, on the other hand, don't seem to fare as well.

Keep in Mind:
E-Statements do not include copies of deposits or check images.
Paper statements will not be mailed.
You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (5.0 or later) to open and view the statement.
The E-Statement notification will be sent to the first name on the account / preferred email address.